Speed, security, and affordability are primary concerns for any online business. 100 Markets LLC aims to satisfy all these needs with our secure managed hosting.

Secure Web Hosting

We use various techniques and software to increase the security of our hosted sites, including but not limited to:

Fast Web Hosting

Several studies have indicated that the speed of a site directly impacts the length of time a customer will stay on your site, how willing they are to click on links, and ultimately sales. Amazon, for example, found that each increase in response time of just 100ms resulted in a 1% decrease in sales. Google found that a 500ms increase in displaying search results reduced their ad revenue by 20 percent! For these reasons, Google now includes site speed as a factor for how your site ranks in their search results. Here are a few things we do at the server level to make sure that the sites we host are operating at peak performance:

Affordable Web Hosting

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